I wish I wasn’t this way
so generous with myself
only too willing
to give myself away

I wish I was like you
I like the way you play it cool
how you’re detached and unaffected
untethered and aloof

I wish I could pretend
I didn’t crumble at the end
like the way you stay so strong
like it meant nothing all along
as if my heart isn’t breaking
like all this time, I was mistaken

When the time comes
to let go
you’ll know.

Sometimes the moment creeps up on you,
sometimes it’s been there all along.
Sometimes it builds for what seems like forever,
and sometimes the timing is just wrong.

No matter the climb,
the fall will hit hard.
And it will be unmistakable.

But sometimes it is easier to run with a broken body
than to get left behind
by someone you love.