you’re what I’ve come to know as home
but I’ll learn to be homesick
you’re the reason that I’ve grown
but I crave stable
not erratic

but that’s just us

banging on your soul like a lunatic
bring me down
so you can build me up
and I was nothing
but the salt you would rub into your wounds

beautifully bitter-
I know that my presence brings pain
but we learned to make it something special-

we pushed eachother around
and we brought eachother down
and lifted eachother up
but we’ve stopped moving forward

stuck screaming I love you I need you
please don’t leave me

I love you
I need you
don’t leave me
not tonight
please just stay

but you wouldn’t listen
so I wouldn’t cry
and I’m not angry with you
you know I can never be
I’m just not right for you

even though we
were right as rain

a hurricane
with the strength of my rage
and the intensity of your eyes
but a strange sense of calm
lain deep, deep within

you were the storm that desecrated my soul
and I let you

because that’s what I thought love was
but it’s not what it should be

Love should be Sweet
like a child placing a flower in his teachers palm

like a father holding his newborn daughter in his arms
For the first time

like the teacher who put all her faith in you
When you didn’t have any in yourself

like the sun against your back on a winter afternoon

like dipping parle g into chai on a rainy day
With a cigarette in your hand

like the ocean craving the embrace of the sand
who keeps sending him away

most of all, Supportive
like the friends that fight like sisters
but stand like warriors for one another no matter what

we were toxic, babe
you shouldn’t need drugs just to open your heart
I shouldn’t need drugs to avoid falling apart

and I shouldn’t need you
or anyone else
for that matter


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