She who is within me
is not the same as who you see

She’s terrified but fearless
not days away from hopeless

She’s scarred but she’s strong
unafraid of being wrong

She’s learned the lessons life has penned
and She’s waiting at the end

of the journey i am on
and when everything is gone

i hope to look back on our time
and be sure

that all the literature we consumed
all the art we felt
all the music we cherished
all the places we loved
were enough to help me understand her

all the poetry we wove
all the art we explored
all the mistakes we repeated
all the music we cried to
and all the places we imagined
were enough to help her understand why
i wasn’t ready to introduce her to the world

and i hope in the end
we’re like the best of friends

that have grown old together
each half a soul without the other

and when i’m gone
i hope she’s the one
who’s left her beauty in the world
because truly,

She is magnificent


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