i hope that these will be the last words i write for you
because i feel saturated by your bullshit
and i don’t want it sullying the future
that i am trying to build for myself
and i don’t care if you’re angry
because you’ve done worse
and i remain benevolent

its not fair, the way you played with me
like your fortunes depended on the outcome of this sick game
and the way i was always the one to apologise
although i did nothing but place blame
where blame was due

and its not fair
that you always let me
and even accepted my apologies
even when we both knew
that I was not the one at fault

i know you’ll call me soon
foaming at the mouth and steaming from the ears
and call me names
for tarnishing yours this way

but its not fair
that you will think that it is justified
simply because you are angry
as per usual

i have not asked for much since then
in fact i’ve asked for nothing
though i wanted to ask for the moon

because you were hurting
and my hurt is not worth
the same as yours
and i never minded that

but its not fair
that you don’t disagree

~mic drop moment


4 thoughts on “

    1. You have no idea how much this means to me. I’ve been having a really hard week and you’ve totally made it worthwhile. nothing means more to me than when people appreciate my writing so thank you thank you thank you!!!


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