I find myself torn-
between feeling too much
or too little
I find myself worn-
from walking the tightrope between the two
and tumbling repeatedly to the ground
each time I rise hoping to make it
all the way this time round
yet again and again
I find myself falling down-
feeling a little more lost
and a little less found

~a balancing act


6 thoughts on “

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you having a look at my blog, this is the first comment on here, and I can’t tell you how great it is to hear positive feedback 🙂
      Maybe things won’t change when I’m older, but I hope that the courage to keep getting up comes more easily.


    2. Ohhh, bless your heart! The “courage to keep getting up”–I know this hope (wish/prayer) so well!! Some seasons in our lives are just harder–so when the easier ones arrive, bask in them and gather strength for the next struggle. You can do it! If I can, anyone can 🙂

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