gud cheeni

it’s at the tip of my tongue
and I can taste its truth
jaise mooh main gud cheeni

it’s so soon to be slipping out
I can’t still surrender it to you

I can’t make you any promises
I’m saving them for myself

but this feeling is so beautiful
and you make me feel so full

full of potential
full of wonder
full of beauty
full of love
full of magic
and free to be
or whoever I really want to be

when we met I was broken
I was looking for a fix

today I’m broken and I am bent out of shape
but that’s okay
I’m not looking to be fixed
and I’m not looking for someone to complete me
I’m not really looking for anyone else
I’m just looking for myself

but when the day comes
I want you to be there
so you can finally see
the person you always told me
I could someday be

so won’t you just hang around for a bit?
let’s sit around, let’s get lit

let’s just chill
let down your hair
tell me things you shouldn’t dare
feed me on honestly
because it tastes so good

jaise mooh main gud cheeni


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