“Even if you lose everything, you’ll always have the sea.”

and I lost it all over and again
but she never came to me.

I thought she might be lonesome,
so I sat down by her shore,
but there were far too many lovers
waiting from before.

I begged so she would listen,
and she almost always heard-
she’d begin to come toward me,
then flitter like a bird.

And back and forth this went,
for days and months and years
’til eventually eventually it came to me
as I fed her with my tears:

She didn’t want my love,
and she didn’t want despair-
you cannot love another
who simply isn’t there.

So I disposed of my affections,
stacked my baggage on my head,
I breathed her deep into my lungs,
and she welcomed me to bed.


I miss you so much, my heart aches-
my head hurts,
my stomach is in knots
from the uncertainty
of never seeing you again.

When the signs come in threes,
they become increasingly difficult to ignore
as the universe lets you in on its intentions.
But I don’t know my own,
and you don’t know yourself-
so when the universe is telling us its secrets,
we fall to practicality for suggestion.
But don’t you see?
We’re meant to be.
And I don’t think the universe will be willing to take
no for an answer.